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Japan seal. Bon de cachet
Sells INKAN to the world
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B to B N E T

Bon de cachet
Yamadai Japanese Original.
Yamanashi is the top manufacture of seals in Japan.Rokugo,”The town of seals”is well-known throughout Japan.

Production of seal for a foreignerTo foreign

It is a page for you, the foreigner who wants to build I N K A N.
To the method of the foreigner who is living in Japan sake We send seal to you.
INKAN is the very important thing to use for everyday life of Japan.
INKAN was produced with birth of Japan.
Seal is used for the marriage registration which builds a house and which carries out loan.
INKAN is used in order to confirm rightly whether you are him. It becomes your identification certificate.

We are sending towards global you for 24 hours every day!
We are sending towards global you for 24 hours every day!

Going Japanese.JapaneseSeal consultationFAX ORDER FAX Order
The seal consultation window for foreigners
  • how to order
  • Since a severe check is performed for production of seal to prevent mistakes, the order has been obtained by facsimile.
  • Please print out facsimile order form, fill in a required matter and send it. For the direction which Japanese understands order of "shopping cart" is OK.
  • Please write the character to stamp to prevent mistakes. Please choose the style of handwriting of a character out of inso, tensho, and koin.
  • Please choose a stamp out of tuge, a black water buffalo, and color water buffalo seal. It is with an all the commodity case.
  • Dispatch is a schedule seven days after from an order receptionist day.
  • I will do connection of a check, if you place an order.
  • A consumption tax (10%) is received separately.
  • All payments become mail price exchange and Yamato home delivery price exchange.
  • INKAN is carved on the character of goods and the returned goods of those other than a mistake cannot be accepted.
  • All international flights are shipped by International Yamato Courier Service.

◆Information on ZEUS credit payment. (Shopping cart)

@ On the final confirmation screen, the [Proceed to credit card payment] button will be automatically displayed at the bottom.

A Click this to display the credit card payment screen in a separate window. (★ This screen is secured by SSL.)

B Please fill in the required items and send. It will be completed in 5 to 10 seconds.

C It is finished when the customer receives the credit card payment completion confirmation email.

Chinese character stamp style of handwriting
Inso.Better luck seal. Tensho. Luck with money seal. Koin. Haymonious seal.
Better luck seal
luck with money seal
Harmonious seal

Tuge wood(picture is inso)

Tuge wood seal.
The delicate material of tuge is best mache to a stamp.
Black uffalo
(picture is tensho)
Black water buffalo seal.
Masculine black gloss. It is durable.
Color buffalo
(picture is koin)
Color water buffalo seal.
Black, tea, beautiful contrast of beige. It is a beautiful stamp.
HANKO case is cowskin.
Color is/red/black
A casecolor is red and black.
* Please choose a favorite color.
(If a picture clicks, it will be expanded)
■ Goods number:JT-10T Tuge wood seal
Tuge wood seal.

¥12100 including tax.

case color

■ Goods number:JT-11KI Color buffalo seal
Color buffalo seal.

¥14850 including tax

Case color

■ Goods number:JT-12K
Blackr buffalo seal
Black  buffalo seal.

¥13530 including tax.

Case color

. I prepare new goods one by one from now on. It expects.

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